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The Mibook Origin Story

Founded in 2019 in Bengaluru city, Mibook originated as an idea when one of co-founder’s friends was setting up a start-up and engaged him for assistance with the tedious process of company registration. While working through the numerous challenges of the process, especially while trying to select the right options within his friend’s budget, Our co-founder noticed a dearth of the required Software-as-a-Service for this population, which would be of immense value to small & medium sized businesses as well as start-ups. Understanding the business opportunity and the large-scale issues it could solve, the company was formed and called Mibook.

Easy Accounting Software, now at your fingertips

There are approximately 40 million small & medium enterprises registered in India and each of these companies incur annual expenditures, which they can ill-afford, on auditing and accounting services. With the Mibook Small Business Accounting app , its co-founders built a dream – to be the pioneers to provide offers small, medium new businesses personalised accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial reporting services in the most affordable manner possible.
The app aids small business and start-up owners by offering guidance about all forms of registration, setting up the accounting process, open bank accounts, easy online invoicing and payment collection, easy upload of documents, a digital documents locker for storage purposes, option to promote new services, expenses management, etc. If a customer needs advice on acquiring loans and government grants and understanding a new policy that’s available on the app too.

A cut apart

What sets the app apart from its competitors is its unflinching focus on innovative tech-driven service assistance in offering quality business services. It is the only all-in-one business platform driven by cutting edge business technology in the market. The Mibook app is also the best budget-friendly business app option that caters exclusively to the micro, small & medium companies as well as start-ups in order to make the process of setting up a company and scaling up business seamless from the scratch.

Mibook’s journey

With its vast array of business service offerings, the Mibook app is on its way to become one of India’s leading accounting service apps. It already has a roster of over 5,000 companies, of which 500 are already registered as private limited companies. Within its short journey and with a team of less than 50 employees, the company has already registered a 3x growth over the last year. This growth is driven by Mibook’s unmatched user experience in terms of the app and the service offerings. Small wonder that the app has already successfully completed over 2,000 GST registrations, around 1,000 FSSAI licence registrations, over 400 trademark registrations and more than 2,000 shops licence registrations.

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